Made from non-organic materials, a concrete additive “Kalmatron-D” for construction concretes of various types, binding substance for preparation of which is concretes based on a portland cement clinker.

Designation.The concrete additive “Kalmatron-D” increases concrete strength at early and design stages up to 30%, enhances freeze-thaw durability for 50+ operation cycles, intensifies water-resistance for 2-3 grades, hence ensures preparation of a very dense concrete.

The concrete additive “Kalmatron-D” boosts concrete density and significantly improves concrete resistance against hostile environments preventing paste matrix deterioration resulted from gas, salt-water or biological corrosion. Application of the additive makes concrete impenetrable for lube or diesel oils.

The concrete additive “Kalmatron-D” does not cause corrosion of reinforcing steel nor hinders immunization of concrete towards reinforcing steel. It is not toxic. It is flameproof and shotproof. It is admissible to use the additive with concretes having contact with drinking water.


1.      Optimal quantity of the additive “Kalmatron-D” is 10 kg/m3 regardless of concrete type or consumption rate of binding substance. Implementation of the additive “Kalmatron-D” should be fulfilled instead of the same weight of concrete.

2.       Implementation of the additive should be fulfilled before grouting in a dry concrete blend, after that it should be thoroughly mixed using a blending machine. It is recommended to increase the mixing time for 20% compared to the estimated time in order to ensure equal distribution of the additive throughout a concrete blend.

3.       Implementation of the additive into a concrete blend does not require change in water-concrete proportions for concrete blend preparation.

4.       The concrete additive “Kalmatron-D” leads to plasticization effects and improves concrete placeability. Possibility of application of the additive “Kalmatron-D” along with other additives should be defined by way of additional laboratory testing or by agreement with the supplier.

5.       During placing of a concrete blend, thorough attention should be paid to the quality of work as ultimate service properties of the whole concrete construction will directly depend on the density of the concrete blend placement and the quality of filling concrete formworks.

6.       The additive “Kalmatron-D” can be added directly into a blending machine filled with a prepared concrete blend in normal conditions of a construction area. The additive should be added gradually, by small portions, into a blending machine in progress. It is not allowed to add all estimated quantity of the additive at once, if you want to avoid piles of concrete and unequal distribution of the additive throughout the concrete blend in a blending machine.

Safety arrangements

When working with the additive, use personal protective equipment preventing from skin or respiratory tract contact. In case of eye contact with additive particles, wash eyes with water and, if required, consult your doctor.

Package and storage

Supplied in 10 kg paper sacks. Storage period is 6 months unpacked in a dry place. Keep out of children’s


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